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Daniel Hoey

Licensed Massage Therapist

About Me

Danielle attended Blue Heron Academy to become a massage therapist. To her, massage is not just a pampered luxury; it is preventative healthcare. She works to be a health advocate for everyone who comes to see her.

With a focus on abdominal massage, Danielle is passionate about working with women suffering from bodily trauma due to pelvic floor dysfunction and PCOS. She helps to address postpartum muscle disfunction. Danielle combines pressure with breathwork and movement in her work to help lessen the visceral pain associated with these conditions.

Our gut is like our second brain and helps to inform a lot of things for the systems in our body to function properly. Massage helps to facilitate proper digestion which can greatly improve our well-being.

Danielle is kind and attentive to all and actively listens to her clients during each session.


Our Clients Say

"Danielle. What can I say, except that she was amazing. I had anxiousness and problem areas being 3 months postpartum going into this. She was so attentive and warm, listened to my concerns, and tackled every spot and then some. she made me feel safe and comfortable and so in tune in caring for me. I have not ever experienced such care in my life. 10 stars. "

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