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Intentional Service

Client Privacy

Massage therapy is a health care profession and because of this, we will not share your private health or contact information without your prior consent.


Massage therapy has been shown to be more effective when a person feels safe and is able to relax, because of this we work diligently to provide a safe, clean and stress free environment for both staff and clients.


The root of conflict is often unmet expectations and it is no different with massage therapy. Our goal is to be intentional with our communication from the first time you contact us to ensure that we can help support your wellness journey or refer you to someone who can.

Massage Techniques

We are intentional about which massage techniques we use and how we use them. People experience a different outcome depending on the rate, speed, pressure and combination of techniques that the therapist chooses to use.

Massage Practice

We intentionally work to facilitate a supportive environment for our staff to grow  their massage skills while maintaining their mental and physical health. The well-being of our staff is key to their ability to provide intentional care and attention to client needs.

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