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Abby Schnell

Licensed Massage Therapist

About Me

Abby attended Blue Heron Academy to become a massage therapist. Her professional path has led her to developing an understanding of what massage therapy can and can not help with.


Abby participated in sports and gymnastics growing up and developed an appreciation of the body awareness needed to excel in these activities. With this background, she is better able to pinpoint problem areas in relation to what muscles are being used in a particular activity.


With an emphasis on preventative care, Abby encourages all of her clients to take advantage of the stress relieving benefits of massage. She understands the cathartic effect of a relaxing environment vs. a chaotic one and how important it is to take time to breathe and enjoy being present.


Our Clients Say

"My first massage ever and Abby did a wonderful job on hitting the problem areas and making me feel totally relaxed for the whole time. Will be coming back for sure!"

Google Review

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