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Client Rights & Responsibilities

Client Rights

  • Accessible and impartial access to care

  • Autonomy: freedom of choice of therapist; right to refuse or leave treatment regardless of the therapist's opinion; right to a consultation with another therapist

  • Care in a safe health-care environment

  • Confidentiality: specifically, no disclosure of any information about the client without their written consent

  • Continuity of care

  • Dignity: including the right not to disrobe or remain disrobed longer than necessary

  • Privacy, both visual and auditory; this includes not having to disclose any information that is not relevant to the care the client is receiving

  • Respect for client values and cultural beliefs

  • right to be informed of their rights

  • Timely and accurate information on the status of background of the therapist providing care, the intervention provided, risks, side effects, alternatives, whether the care is part of a research study, and post-discharge treatment needs

Client Responsibilities

  • Provide accurate information to the therapist

  • Provide timely feedback to the therapist about treatment preferences, comfort, depth of pressure, and need to stop or take a break

  • Accept the consequences of refusing care, altering care, or choosing an alternative option to care

  • Act with consideration and respect for therapists and others in that setting

  • Adhere to instructions provided by the therapist

  • Follow rules of conduct of the health care facility

  • Assure that financial obligations to the facility are met

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