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How to Interview a Prospective Massage Employer

Find the massage position that works best for your life and schedule needs. The interview process is a two-way conversation. Here are a few questions to ask a prospective employer to find the job you are looking for faster.

What type of position is this?

  • W2 employee?

  • 1099 contractor?

  • Office Space or Room Rental?

Does the employer expect the massage therapist to cover the cost of any supplies, tools or office space needed to perform the expected job duties?

Example: lotion, sheets, laundering services, booking software, utilities etc.

Are there any additional out of pocket expenses they expect their employees to cover?Example: Travel, Uniform Cost etc.

What is the pay type?

  • Straight Commission Per Service?

  • Commission Per Service + Hourly?

  • Straight Hourly?

What is the minimum hourly pay that an employee is guaranteed to make per hour for this position?

Please note: Employers who pay commission are legally required to ensure that all the office hours an employee spends clocked-in, whether they are booked or not, must even out to an average hourly rate of the State’s Minimum Wage each pay period.

Are there any additional types of pay and what do their employees make on average per month for these additional pay types?

  • Tips? (estimated monthly income)

  • Commissions on Product Sales? (estimated monthly income)

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Bonus?

How many hours per week are expected for this position?

  • Office Hours? = time spent on the clock and available for bookings

  • Service Hours? = how many hours of massage are expected to be performed during the office hours

How many hours per week does the company define as full-time vs part-time? 

  • Part-Time office hours per week?

  • Part-Time massage hours per week?

  • Full-Time office hours per week?

  • Full-Time massage hours per week?

Are there any additional benefits? Yes / No

What is the exact dollar value of those benefits?  - ask to read the policies -

  • Paid Time Off? ($ Value) 

  • Continuing Education? ($ Value) 

  • Health Insurance or Reimbursement? ($ Value)  

  • Other benefits?

How is laundering of linens and blankets taken care of?

  • In-House?

  • Laundry Service?

How much time is scheduled in between services?

Example: Time to write notes, prepare the room etc.

Will the employee’s pay be affected if a service fee is waived or if a client no shows? 

If yes, ask to see their cancellation policy.

Does the employer tell you that it is okay to work as a massage therapist without a State of Michigan Massage License after you are no longer enrolled in massage school?

If yes, this is a red flag.


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