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Massage Students & Massage Liability Insurance

Massage therapy students are most likely to be covered under the massage schools liability insurance while enrolled in a massage school. Supplemental insurance may be needed when the student starts practicing massage therapy at the student clinic on the school premises, for outside events or internships outside of school. 

Once a student has passed their State of Michigan exam and has applied for and received their State Massage License and the student is no longer enrolled in massage school, they will need to purchase professional massage liability insurance in order to practice massage.

Insurance Options

Free or low cost student massage liability insurance is available for students while they are in school through multiple massage therapy associations. The following membership based massage associations offer professional massage liability insurance. The ones that offer free or low cost options are linked here.

Free student massage liability insurance while in school with AMTA

Entity Type: Non-Profit. 

  • Nationally recognized association. 

  • Governed by a board of directors.

  • By-laws accessible on website. Create a free account to log-in and access.

Low cost massage liability insurance plus access to exam coach and membership benefits while in school with the student membership  from ABMP

Entity Type: Professional Assist Corporation (PAC) —a group of national associations serving beauty and wellness professionals. 

  • Nationally recognized association. 

Low cost student massage liability insurance while in school with USOLMT

Entity Type: Arizona Non-Profit Corporation.

  • Nationally recognized association. 

  • Managed by a board of directors.

  • By-laws accessible on website.

No free student massage liability insurance option listed.

Entity Type: Foreign Non-Profit Corporation. 

  • Membership based association affiliated with educational programs and national board testing for Blue Heron Academy in Grand Rapids, MI. 

  • History of AMMA


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