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Reasons to Avoid Surprise Massages

Massages are always a great gift, right? You may be surprised to hear that this isn’t always the case. While many of us, clients and therapist alike, love massages and would be grateful for the opportunity, sometimes the only thing the recipient has to be grateful for is our kind intentions. 

As a gift, a massage can be a wonderful for an individual you have spoken to about the subject. You know their preferred therapist, their preferred style, and their preferred clinic, you even know their schedule. Most important of all, you have asked or they have expressed that they would love the gift of a massage! Even then, schedules can change and a gift card to the clinic, rather than a booking, is probably a safe bet.

On the flip side, there are many for whom even a gift card would go unused. Massages aren’t for everyone, and any reason to not want a massage is valid. Some folks appreciate their personal space, and wouldn’t prefer a stranger, even a professional, popping that bubble. Some have physical or mental health reasons, such as pregnancy complications or sensory disorders. Others simply don’t want one, and that’s enough on its own. There are many more reasons, and any reason is acceptable.

A booking as a gift presents its own challenges, even for those who love massages. A change in schedule was mentioned already, but on top of this, you may not know a person’s preferences. Do they have a gender-preference for their therapist? Do they already have a preferred therapist or clinic? Even if they’re free during the time, maybe they simply don’t feel like a massage!

To sum things up, if you know their preferences, go with a gift card. And if you don’t, ask or go with a different gift. It’s about the intentions, yes, but make sure it's a gift they’ll use and love.

Writing Credit: Samuel Mongue


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